This is a site to download various things Joey Hess has produced.

Currently, it has:

git repository

This site is stored in a git repository. git clone

The large files are stored using git-annex. Once you've cloned the repository, you can run "git annex get" to download any or all of them.

Past versions of files are stored on git-annex can also be used to download those old versions, just check out the version of the tree you want and use "git annex get".


This site is available via https to help ensure the files you've downloaded are the ones I intended you to download.

I make signed commits to the git repository. So you can use `git log` (with a recent version of git) to verify the files that "git annex get" downloads. Files are also accompanied by a detached gpg signature in ".sig" file. The gpg key used for this repository is currently 5EE1DBA789C809CB, the "git-annex distribution signing key (for Joey Hess)".

Many files are accompanied by detached gpg signatures, using the same gpg key.