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Branch Status Commit Who Result
master FAIL 847aa88 joeyh
Errors Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (Force Rebuild)
(Pending) a3a6e64 joeyh
FAIL af64c18 joeyh
Errors comment (Force Rebuild)
(Pending) b980d90 joeyh
FAIL 26511c3 admin
Errors Added a comment: an alternative (Force Rebuild)
FAIL d2ba169 admin
Errors (Force Rebuild)
FAIL 0fe550a joeyh
Warnings(311)/Errors fix windows build (Force Rebuild)
FAIL 4b1b9d7 joeyh
Warnings(283)/Errors Added annex.freezecontent-command and annex.thawcontent-command configs (Force Rebuild)
FAIL c2347d8 joeyh
Warnings(283)/Errors comment (Force Rebuild)
FAIL 2405f34 joeyh
Warnings(350)/Errors add news item for git-annex 8.20210621 (Force Rebuild)
FAIL 17170cd joeyh
Warnings(1)/Errors Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (Force Rebuild)
FAIL 694fe37 joeyh
Errors fix 2 build warnings (Force Rebuild)
ok 538780e admin
ok Added a comment